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Why Work With KoderLabs Software Development Company Dallas?

Software Development Company or Lab?

KoderLabs, let’s begin with the name – why is it called a lab?  

What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you think about a lab? Some nerdy scientist attentively experimenting, quiet and busy rooms with experts researching on their theories, right? – Now imagine replacing the same people doing research and development not with chemicals but programming languages – not with funnels and burners but with testing devices and full concentration on coding and development – this is why we named our firm KoderLabs.

ORIGIN: 2013 – started in the hands of coders, believers, and doers; people who were curious in nature to discover and invent unique and ultimate products specifically in the field of software development. Precisely, it was established by the software developers and IT experts who were leaders and gold medal achievers of top universities at that time.

KoderLabs is one of the motivational and growing startups that started as a small team of developers and today it is the leading team that working in two renowned states Dallas and Karachi in respective countries. Besides enabling firms to get started with the incredible technologies, KoderLabs keeps the team upgraded with the latest platforms and advance parameters of tech industries so that the team can deliver the proven results.

What do Exactly Software Development Companies do?

Typically, a software house or software development company is mainly engaged with designing websites and mobile applications for a variety of operating systems. Today, the Top Software Development Companies are also working on more complex yet demanded IT services including web-based system and software that are required to make the process more convenient and useful through Artificial intelligence, Augmented reality, Virtual Reality, and Machine Learning.

Therefore to cater quality services based on advanced parameters, KoderLabs which is one of the leading software companies in Dallas works on high-end artificial Intelligence (AI) based software, Machine Learning, and Augmented Reality based application and systems enable firms to focus advance possibilities, productivity and workflow facilities incorporate with digitalized products.

To understand the wide angle of the IT industry, know that there are different types of technology-related firms that solely works on a variety of aspects of technology-driven services at times. Some manufactures computers, laptops and internal/external hardware of computing machines. Some work on the un-touchable products like mobile applications, websites and digital product lives on screens.

Since we label ourselves as leading software development company Dallas, we understand what our everyday customers are looking for – So besides bragging about how incredible projects we have worked on, our day-to-day work revolves around mobile application development, E-commerce store development, website designing and in free time we do branding marketing and prototyping as well.

Our Primary Services / Expertise:

Website Development and Design Services

Website is a standard digital platform for all the existing companies today. Regardless of how massive is your brand outlet is, if your firm does not exist online with an adhesive website, probably you are missing out significant business opportunities.

We being a leading software development company in Dallas works closely with clients that are looking forward to innovative, sales driven and quality website that helps in boosting their business in the long run. Besides making a website exclusively designed for brands, we are also capable of developing an E-commerce store and website that has the aim to sell the product online.

With personalized features, User Interface (UI) and incredible User Experience (UX) we provide impeccable services to build a high-end website that generates sales and adheres to quality standards of web services.
Following are the platforms, top programming languages and CMS for the web development:

Most Popular Content Management Systems CMS for Web Development:

• WordPress
• Drupal
• Joomla
• Magneto

Demanding Web Development Languages:

• JavaScript
• Python
• C++
• C
• C#
• Objective C
• Shell
• Ruby

Get professionally customized website design and development services for your brand today!

Mobile Application Development Services

A smartphone is no more a luxury, it’s a necessity we cannot be supposed to live without. Therefore, we develop mobile application focused on simplifying our everyday work such as managing expense, booking a cab or just booking a flight within a few taps.

As a leading mobile application development service providers, we keep our resources, equipment as per the latest addition of emerging technologies and mindful ideas our clients expect to make it happen. For this purpose, we have staff that has over 10years expertise in developing and testing the mobile application as per the standards of the app store and play store. We have a workforce for the most demanding platform required to build a robust demand for iOS and Android.

Android App Development
iOS App Development

For iOS & Android App following platforms, we use to develop customized the mobile application.

  • Cross-Platform We Work On               
  • Xamarin App Development
  • Ionic Mobile App Development
  • Hybrid App Development
  • React Native
  • HTML Mobile Apps

For Programming Language following is what we speak fluently

  • Python
  • Kotlin
  • C++
  • Swift
  • Objective
  • JavaScript

Web Application Development Services

Web application are typically known as the development of application programs that exist in on remote servers and are provided to the user’s device over the Internet. Developing the application as per the needs and demands of the current industry either E-commerce, health or education many startup and high profile agency are now taking advantage of incredible features and benefits that comes along with web application. We also work in web app that are based on AI and automation systems that gives edge to firms that are currently expanding their business not only in mobile app but also flexible and versatile web apps that works fluently on all digital platforms.

Technologies for Web App Development Services

We work on a variety of web application development services and here the top demanding platforms for web app development that we provide at KoderLabs one of the most reliable and technology-driven software companies in Dallas
• ASP.net
• Node.js
• Angular JS
• React.js

UI / UX Design

We believe that design is an integral part of the software and every digital product lives on screen. Therefore, be it Mobile Application User Interface (UI) or User Experience, or a complex web application design and structure we leave no traces of imperfection when it comes to design and we create flawless, timeless and intuitive UI / UX design as per latest trends and ideas.


How KoderLabs Software Development Company in Dallas Work with Clients?

If you are looking forward to work with a company like us, we appreciate that you took another great decision to work with us. So the way we work with our client is something our clients appreciate a lot, that is, our customer dealing and our staff that is always on board to understand client’s requirements and set a plan. So either you are interested to get a website design for business or a mobile application development services for iOS and Android.

We begin with an initial brief and budget limit you have for particular services. Once we are clear with the overview of your required features and design needs we offer a variety of packages that has the cost for development, designing, implementation and other marketing packages free and paid to offer our clients. Once the client agreed on the term we start working on a project with an agile approach that helps our client to get the updates and product demonstration feasibly.